Mahfudha AYOFEMI*

Own A-Litter Progeny


Litter: 23.08.2008

X-Ray: follows

full scissor bite

Size: 62,5cm,

Weight: 34kg

Color: (redwheaten

Breeding Approval aimed)

Owner: Svea and Joern Preuss, Leverkusen

 lives with us, just as her mother Ilanga, as a fully integrated member of our family, at the periphery of Leverkusen (Germany), since August 2008.

Now we own a daughter of our Ilanga with a great character!

Besides the positive characteristics of her mother, she likes to cuddle and seeks physical contact with Ilanga and us.

Born as a puppy in our family room, she managed her first stroke in the 5th Week of life very well, a tibia and fibula fracture with lots of pain treatment. The restricted movement for several weeks didn't make it easy for her in the puppy association, but she sustained her position. Today we like to see her racing like a wild bumblebee and are glad that we can enable her this life, despite all the complicated procedures she runned through.In a race with other dogs, she is usually the fastest, most often to the chagrin of her mother.It seems as if she wants to catch up the weeks of immobility.

Ayofemi and Zhenga are an absolute fountain of youth for Ilanga. While Ilanga ignored our game calls often, the two little ones don't let up.

Ayofemi it is the ideal partner for Ilanga for game and hunting.. 

One Ridgeback is nice, TWO are much better -> and THREE make even more fun!

Ayofemi lives up to our kennel name MAHFUDHA, she is very attentive and vigilant! ...