Ukunda Iskabell of Mahfudha  Nickname: *Ilanga*

Breeding bitch of Club ELSA


Born: 21.09.2004

X-Ray: HD A2, ED/OCD free

full scissor bite

Size: 62,5cm, Weight: 33kg

Color: redwheaten

full breeding approval

 Breeding Approval im Club ELSA

on 22.09.2007)

Owner: Svea und Joern Preuss, Leverkusen

  lives with us as a fully integrated member of the family, at the periphery of Leverkusen. We dont want to miss a single day with her!

With Ilanga our dream of a dog with natural behavior became true and we have a little atmosphere of Africa at home.

Coming as a puppy to our home, we directly visited a puppy-course, a junior-dog-course and finally the company-dog-course. Now we have a great family dog that accompanies us through thick and thin. With her good socialization she has lots of fun with other four-legged friends. Her distinctive watchfulness as well as her protective instinct appears especially with the custody of our property and sometimes even at one of our forest-walks! Ilanga enjoys bicycling and accompanying us while jogging. However, she prefers to dash with Ridgeback-friends through the meadows! If it rains, Ilanga becomes comfortable and remains rather in the dry home!

We cannot imagine a life without these fantastic dogs anymore, with their incomparable nature, sixth sense and loyalty.