After experiences with other dog races our fascination for pristine dogs, as well as for Africa, led us to the southern African race: The Rhodesian Ridgeback - dogs still showing a very natural, wolfish social behavior with watchfulness, quick reaction, strong nerves, an especially good nose and also passion for hunting. An African lion´s dog strictly lives according to wolfish laws and is anxious to manage to live as peacefully as possible in its habitat. It does not subordinate uncritically, but can be persuaded and then is undeviating loyal to members of its pack. To feel comfortable in human surroundings a Rhodesian Ridgeback needs people that are so sensitive and social like wolves. Integrated in a family-collective it is a loyal companion in all situations and meets the requirements for a family- and companion dog just as good as a hound. These dogs always belong in the circle of the family, not in a kennel. No matter of how many members its family (pack) consists, it adjusts itself and needs a constant attachment figure. Be aware, a pack sleeps together and the closeness at night also deepens the connection.

Whoever experienced a Rhodesian Ridgeback in a sudden situation, that draw attention to warn and protect its pack will be impressed. In complete harmony we feel totally protected by our 4-legged  family-members and also protect our fur-childs in human everyday life (e.g. traffic)

In Swahili means "protecting".

For us stands for a harmonious cooperation of human and dog, where every member of the pack enjoys protection from the association and puts effort in everything to profit from the advantages of the community.

We are proud that is our officially, nationwide (VDH) and international (F.C.I.), accredited Rhodesian-Ridgeback-kennel-name.

Beginning breeding, we set ourselves some important goals:

We breed to preserve these amazing dogs in their vital, well-balanced and steadfast character, with best social behavior towards humans and dogs. Cautiously towards strangers, without a sign of aggressiveness or shyness.

Our puppies are raised in a family compound and socialized with loving care.

The following three criteria should be pointing the way for our breeder activities:

1. Health

Priority is health and with it the quality of life of the dogs grown by us. The dogs those are used for breeding are healthy and in excellent physical constitution as well as free from hereditary illnesses

2. Character

After health the ridgeback typical being should be received and promoted: well-balanced with high irritant threshold, friendly to cautiously towards strangers without signs of shyness or aggressiveness, quietly in the house and agile outside. With aggressiveness or timidity the quality of life of dog and person suffers.

3. Beauty

is judged on subjective criteria, and the breed standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback covers a wide range of form, color and size. We like Ridgeback with elegant and harmonious exterior with flowing, athletic movements, muscular, agile, persistent and powerful, never heavy or bulky.

We set high but not insurmountable requirements for potential puppy owners. In their new home the puppies should be a full-fledged member of the family and their predisposition should be advanced and developed.