... After a successful final inspection of our MAHFUDHA puppies, the end of October 2008 was sad for us. It was time to say good bye and the dwarfs started their new lifes with their new packs

                 We are proud of our A-Litter!!!

... the puppies are 6 month and all visited us, except ill Linus ....

1 year passed by and our A-Litter celebrates 1st birthday

                   ... H U N D E P A R T Y ....

Another dream came true.

From the mating




we were allowed to choose sweet little


to live with us

... now there are THREE ...

Premiere in Luxembourg:

    * sweet ZHENGA 2. place in puppy-class (Vsp.2)

        - fearless and open to everything, only showning teeth is still difficult

    * AYOFEMI first Exellent (V) in Intermediate

Trip to Antwerpen (B):

    -> 2 times, 2nd

      * ZHENGA very proposing in Puppy-class (VVsp.2)

      * AYOFEMI again Excellent in Intermediate (V2)

Show and short vacation at Wörthersee (Austria):

    * good results

    * family reunion with parents and sister Zuri from Vienna

    * as well as big parts of the Matobohillspack from Appenweiher

Born in our family room 2 years ago, Ilangas kids are grown up.

All 6 males are gorgeous and respectful and the two girls have become beautiful and elegant dog ladies.

Wir sind froh, dass es allen 8 (ehemaligen) Zwergen gut geht und sie in ihren Familien gut aufgehoben sind.

!!!Happy B-Day!!!

Just before winter started we spent a wonderful week in southern France with Zhenga's and Ayofemi's family and our friends the Shanganis

We were able to conserve some sun and the 3 ladies enjoyed the almost empty beach

Last Check-up before heat starts:

Ilanga visited the vet

      • hemogram
      • thyroid gland
      • lung and heart check
      • vacinnation and
      • deworming

Ilanga is top fit! ... off you go .....

Finally ...

we have been waiting long ...

Ilanga is in heat.

Mating could start within the next 2 weeks.

Spooner ist ready .... and still waiting patiently

Mating took place ...




Hopefully an ultrasound at the vet in three weeks will feature it.

Puppies are due around 2011 May 28th = Spoolangas

Ilanga is pregnant ... more:


Happy Easter 2011


, father of our

B-litter is 

internationale Champion!!

More news of the

Family-meeting with Fana Zulus

The last week begins

The third week in our lotter-box has begun ...